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There are 2 types of Buttermilk Powder ...

Judy, USMC

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Newbie questions. The one type that is most readily available is the one you can re-constitute and make drinkable liquid buttermilk.

The other type you do not reconstitute. The powder itself is mixed with other dry ingredients; then the liquids are added. Primarily used for baking, from what I understand.

I haven't seen a recipe containing buttermilk powder that specifies which type to use. Should I assume that they mean the re-constitute type and would specify if it was the do not reconstitue?

Does it really make a difference?

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Well ~ for the Bath Bomb class. It's calling for 1 cup powdered milk ... so I think that would be the re-constituted type I can pick up if I need to.

What I do have is the WSP Buttermilk Powder. It says it is dispersable ... but do you think it is Powdered Buttermilk?


This is one of the ingredients listed for those thumbprint cookies.

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I definately think it's OK to use in bath bombs. Those cookies are really just mini bombs with extra oil. As they state it's dispersable in oil and water so should do the trick nicely in a bomb.

I've never used it in bath bombs. I've used powdered milk (from the grocery store - I prefer the whole milk, not the non-fat...better feel). I've also used powdered goats milk and powdered coconut milk...the coconut is my favorite. It has a higher fat content and is better for my (ah-hem) maturing skin.

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