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Alternative Texas gathering

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Hi folks,

Like everyone else, we were very dissapointed to learn about the postponment of the Conference. As so many folks had already made plans to attend, I was wondering if there would be any interest in having a get together somewhere in the Houston area, hopefully on Sept. 10. We can do this, but at this late date we would need lots of help.

Please understand, we are not trying to take over the Conference. As vendors, it might be considered a conflict of interest to host a regularly scheduled annual event. This is likely a one shot deal. That said, we would not be hosting as vendors, rather as candle makers. All vendors welcome.

If you are interested in getting together, please post here so we will know how much interest is out there.

We understand that our health must come first and wish JT a speedy recovery and look forward to the Conference in 2006.


Don G.

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Best wishes for a successful gathering. I apologize for the disappointment and hope that everyone understands. I appreciate Don's professionalism and hope that any gathering he plans will be successful, informative and fun for everyone. Now that I am able to sit at a computer for a little while, I am diligently making plans to get our Texas Candlemaker's Conference rescheduled. Anyone who has questions, feel free to contact me at waxwagon@yahoo.com or texascandleconference@waxwagon.com. Thanks again!

J.T. Burnett

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...we will not persue an impromptu gathering. It's probably just as well since we will be needing more than 24 hours in our days the next few months with the new product that will be hitting the market in a couple of weeks.

So, we will look forward to hearing the announcement of the date for the postponed Texas Candlemaker's Conference.


Don G.

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