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Making container wax into Pillar Wax...

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While I was sleeping I thought hey- I bet you can buy lets say GB 415 soy wax and add your own additives and also make Pillar wax without having to buy 2 types of wax... I attempted to look this theroy up in the forums but couldn't find a quick answer per say sooo.. has anyone tried this? I did find a website online of somone who claimed to have a similar thought and sucseeded by adding a certain amount of Vybar to 100% Soy wax, I am interested in hearing other peoples experience if any :)


Okay so I went on to read a bit further back and have read that a lot of people do not like to use Vybar with soy because it locks in the scent... still interested if anyone has had luck turning container wax into pillar wax :)

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It may be easier just buying it - thought that it might not be too hard though thats why I was asking :) that and im contemplating ways on saving on shipping but now that I think even more about this I guess it wouldn't matter too much anyways


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