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What would make a......

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Silicone mold start ripping for no reason :confused:

Ive never had such a thing happen to me before - and I own alot of molds....The silicone in color is Pink, if pulled to any one side it rips for no reason....I'm not a maker of molds but, if someone could tell me why this has happened I would like to know - I've never used it either.

Thank U,


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Sometimes the material is thin on that side and if picked up wrong, it rips.:sad2: You didn't say how tall the mold was, but the taller or deeper they are, seems there's more chance of this happening. Sometimes if things are set on top of the mold, even for a short period, they can bend it out of shape enough to weaken the side if too thin. And of course, the quality of the silicone.

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My pink molds are flat and not too big, 12 half cherry's. They have ripped and so have the blue and beige ones. I think it's the material they had at the time they were made. The yellow seems really sturdy but I don't like it cause it is so hard to get the wax out of, for me anyway. I don't think it's anything you are doing. I now have a bunch of clearish silicone and they seem really flexible but time will tell. I still use the ones that are ripped but I am replacing a little at a time.

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