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soy wax and wicks

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have been experimenting....anyone sugg brand and wick size for 10 and 16 oz apothecary candle ty

Well it would help us out if we knew what type of soy wax you were using, amount of FO, and if you are coloring them. But here is what I used when I was using those jars.

For the 10oz - I used soy 415, 6% FO, dye free (at that time) - two (2) CD8 and sometimes CD10, depending on the FO, worked for me.

I have stop using these jars because I hate double wicking and I could not get these to single wick for the life of me. Also I was not adding color so if you are you might need to wick up.

I never did try the 16 oz some sorry no help there. Hope this helps some.

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Hi there.

What is the diameter of your jars? I have 4" 16 oz Apoth jars, and am also experimenting. I am using GW444.

So far I have only used the RRDs. My first tester was an RRD-50. MP wasn't big enough, leaving about an inch of hangup all the way around the jar, and the wicks mushroomed like crazy.

I have since remelted and re-wicked using two RRD-47s. NOW! My MP is full, but too quickly, and just over an inch deep!!! I got a full MP in less than 30 minutes.. and my jar is definitely too hot to handle! Lol.. Not to mention i still have the mushrooming. (I think it's just the wick).

My next test with the RRD will be to go one size up from the original (to an RRD-55), but I have a shipment of samples of LXs, CCs, and HTPs coming, hopefully by Friday, along with a ton more of the same wax so I hope to find a good one in there somewhere. I'm not too fond of these RRDs so far. I also have a few other sized jars coming in the same shipment, so I'm gonna play with those too.

If those don't work out I'm going to try some CDNs as others have been using in the veggie waxes and seem to be having great success with them. They seem more appopriate for the veggie wax, and give great MPs.



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