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KY's Soy Whip


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For anyone that uses KY's soy whip, do you or have you

added any other ingredients? I am in love with Yes to Carrots body butter, but have a couple of containers of the soy whip, which I also love. But, I am wondering if it couldn't be more moisturizing by adding something.

I'm NOT a bath n' body person and am really not familiar with

all the ingredients... shea butter; kokum butter etc.

Any thoughts yeah or nay are appreciated!

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My understanding of bases is you can only add fo to them. If you are looking to add another oil or butter, you could disrupt the percentage balance of oil vs water and cause the base to break down or seperate. In some cases, like with butters for example, you'd have to heat them up. In this case, the heat could be harmful to the integrity of the preservative. The best place to find the answer to this is to contact KY directly and ask.

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Waxwench, you can't think that way....seriously. And I am not blowing smoke here when I say, if you can cook and follow a recipe, you can make a body butter....a kick a$$ one at that:yes:! Oh and a good scale is important too!

My first body butter, if you want to call it that, was a disaster. I did not have the benefit of this board then....that was 3 years ago.

Then I was steered here by Jennie and figured out in a short time all the things I did wrong. This board is a wonderful place. Take a day or two, or do as I did, take many days and read. Soak up all the knowledge you can and try. I took a basic recipe and tweaked it until I came up with something I liked.

I pulled many all nighters reading here and other places about recipes, about different oils/butters and how they would affect the outcome of your butter, how ewax & stearic contribute and how many parts of each will make your product stable.

At first, none of it will make sense. But, the more you read, the more you have those awwww moments and it will all come together. It will make even more sense if you make batches and then you can apply what you see with what you've read. Yes, it does sound like a lot but the sense of accomplishment when you get the butter you want.....it is way better than awesome. And interestingly enough, the more you do on your own, and others see that you are seriously trying, when you start asking questions, you get better answers than if you just start asking expect people to drop the answers right in your lap.

But you won't know what you can accomplish if you don't try....:D

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As always, you make so much sense ;)

I've been buying the base because it seemed so much easier.

But, I do understand the sense of accomplishment! My first candles were ok, but the more I read and the more I played, creating a kick butt candle gives a person such a sense of accomplishment!

Now...the butter subject... I've read and then it's all confusing.

This does this and that does that. Ugh! It's almost like Math for me. Lalalalal (covering ears)!!!

But, I am a determined person and will take your great advice and I will learn and play.

Thanks for the encouraging words!!!

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Now chandling is a bit different. I am still struggling with anything larger than a hex jar! But, that won't stop me from continuing to try and test. And really, b & b is easier than candles.

And by the way there is no need to thank me. I'll say you're welcome when I come across that kick a$$ body butter in a swap!:yes:

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