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FO's from Peaks, WSP & SOS


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I thought this would be a good way to pay it forward all the advice, etc that I have gotten from so many on the boards. Just wanted to share my fo reviews to this point.

Peaks-these are all dead on duplicates

Pink Sugar type

Sweet Pea

Coconut Lime Verbena

I have not been disappointed by none of the fo's I have gotten from Peaks.

SOS-very disappointed with them and will only use SOS for some perfume types. I liked their Cool Water (M) & Vera Wang (W) they were slightly off but you can still tell what each were intended to be. Tahatian Tiare Flower, Sweet Pea, Vanilla Bean Noel these all were off as well. And if they were off oob they were equally off in application. Really don't know how to describe TTF. It was very light oob and almost none existant in application.

I am happy with their version of Escada's Tropical Punch; it is a dead on dupe.


Vanilla Bean Noel-dead on duplicate

These were all tested in body butters and lotions. Just thought I'd share my experience. I have 10 more enroute and hope to share those results as well.

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Thanks for sharing! I was wondering about the Coconut Lime Verbena.
I gotta agree about SOS. I had been searching for years for Alyssa Ashley Musk and was steered to them on another board. I bought the extreme concentrate and while the scent I got was very strong, it does not even resemble the perfume. I was very dissapointed.

You are quite welcome!!!

With SOS, I neglected to mention, I bought 100 dram samples but I only bought like 5-8 oz scents (extreme) total from them only because I was told that oob is not always the best way to judge a scent. Only 2 of those 5 are winners. My next step is to put these samples in 1/8 oz samples and see what they smell like. I will post those results as well.

Another thing I noticed between Peaks/WSP and SOS is that Peaks/WSP blend much easier that SOS. When making body oils it took forever to mix, like 5 minutes but the other two mixed in seconds. I had to put SOS fo's in my stand mixer on high to get them to mix in faster than using my SB.

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