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Pouring wax 'Chocolate syrup'

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Hi, I discovered that I have some fluted silicon molds for baking, and they make wonderful molds for candles. I would like to accent some of these with 'chocolate sauce' (or any other color of sauce) but really dont know the best way to do it - and would prefer not to damage too many by practicing.

I did a search and all I found were recipes for real chocolate things, lol.

I'd be grateful for any hints.

Thanks, Meco

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I have no ideal what you mean, a chocolate drizzle? If that's it's then look for icing and just add brown. Real chocolate might work, never tried it.

Real chocolate, are you kidding?

Meco, just let your wax cool way down so it's almost thickened but at the same time pourable. Just drizzle on. You can do it over and pour more on top depending on how it looks or how much you want.

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