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Why is this happening to my hurricanes!?!

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For some reason lately, on nearly all of my round hurricanes, I am getting this kinda crack or fingernail effect on the surface of the outer shell. It's only in one spot and only on the round sizes. I'm not doing anything different in additives, pouring/cooling, etc. It just keeps happening and I can't for the life of me figure out why or how to make it stop. Anyone else had this happen or have any suggestions? I can't keep repouring these in hopes that one may turn out. It's wasting a lot of time and money and driving me mad! TIA


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It's not in the same spot everytime, and sometimes it's not there but most times it is. It's unpredictable with every round mold. I'm thinking that maybe after awhile the molds start to get slightly mis-shapen and lose their perfectly round shape and this may be the cause. They all look fine though and sometimes they work great. I would just hate the idea of having to replace 18 molds. I've used a brand new mold though and it happened. I'm stumped!! I just poured 4 photo canes tonight for an order and three of them had it. Now I have to reprint the photos and repour :mad: Could a bad batch of wax contribute to this (1260) ?

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