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Body Butter Ingredients


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Steph at HeirloomOriginals & Donna @ CBE inspired me and I'm trying to put together the ingredients for CindyM's Body Butter. WSP has all the ingredients, but some of them cost too much. Does anyone know if Skin Flow from Snowdrift Farms can be used for the Dry Flo? how about Natrasorb 100? Also, since it's just for me, do I have to add Vitamin E? Thks, Carole

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Carol, I'm not familiar with her recipe, but you can sub cornstarch for the dryflo in other recipes...just a bit different feel. Natrasorb will absorb tons of oils...I use it in powdered bath oils and bath bombs...it also helps to distrubute the oils in the water instead of them floating on top. I'm not sure how it would work in body butter.

I would add vita e even if it's just for you...you'll get a longer shelf life from your oils and butters, plus it's really good for your skin.

MMS has good prices on stuff like this.

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