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So I have been reading and reading...and I came upon a thread talking about 6006 having a bad batch and the lot # 's started with 0700.....then I started reading some think 6006 is 50/50,some thought 70/30(blend) and I think it never got an exact answer....so where I am going with this is....my bad batch of 70/30 is 0700996...is it possible the 6006 and 70/30 is the same thing? I think it could be. We will be calling the manufactor today. Just thought I would throw that out there. Could be totally different and it just so happened they both had bad batches in 0700. Just my thoughts! LeeAnn~

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Thats what I hear, the 6006 being 80% par. So I guess they are not the same but it is weird they were similar lot #'s. Got it from greenleaf but that is one of the reasons they might be not getting anymore in. Although they did get me the number to the guys that make it. At this moment they are not owning up to it either. They did say we can test slab it before buying bulk. So now we are sitting ducks till they get another batch next week. They have some there but I am wanting all the same batch. We will see how that goes. LeeAnn~

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