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Comparing Salts?


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Hi all!

I'm working on a new recipe that uses salts. I've been googling like crazy, but can't seem to find a decent answer. I'm trying to find the differences in salts (other than the size/grain etc.). For example, is Epsom Salt better than Sea Salt? Do you guys know if there is a site that might compare the benefits of different types of salts? I'm asking because I can buy Epsom Salt locally and not pay shipping and my recipe calls for Coarse Sea Salt. BUT, I don't want to compromise quality. Any suggestions? TIA

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The difference in salts is in how it's processed, for example, dendritic seems smaller, but it's actually shaped with a large surface and holds FO's really well, most suggest using at least a few percent in your mixes with FO. The rest is personal choice for the most part - at least from what I could find in my research. While you can have sea salt, it's a bit coarser, but the benefits are the same across the board, since it's all "salt".

Depending on the recipe, is what will determine which salt is better. Like whether you want it to dissolve or scrub, etc.

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