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Chocolate Decadence


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I received this as a free sample from SOS. I just have to remark on how impressed I was with this fragrance.

I'm not a chocolate person. Well when I smell this chocolate decadence I think "man I really like the smell of chocolate' It's like walking into a Godiva store. It's just cocoa goodness with buttery hints of milk and sugar.

It's not a milk chocolate and not a dark chocolate smell. It's like the smell of a really rich fine cup of hot chocalate wafting under your nose.

SOS is such a huge mixed bag of fragrance it's nice to spot the winners from time to time. I like this Chocolate Decadence both by itself and beside other fragrances. Particullay with the candycane and the cabernet.

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For the chocolate Decadence and Blackberry Cab I got the SOS strength mainly because I'm going to use them in body applications as well as candles and I found the ultra concentrates to be too strong for body creams.

As for candles I would go with the Ultra concentrates. This is what I've always used for candles because IMHO the ultra packs more punch in the fragrance throw.

I used to sell a lot of wine when I worked in fine dining and the the SOS blackberry cabernet was okay but nothing spectacular. I found when I smelled it next to the chocolate it smelled truer. A good cab often has hints of chocolate. I'm going to make some candles with it soon and let you know what I think.

That's the tricky thing with wine. It has a lot of different charactaristics. If you find some good wine fragrance bases you can tweek them. Add a crisp green apple to make a truer Charddonay, Add a hint of raspberry and black cherry to a champagne scent for Pinot Noir. Black Cherry and Chocolate for Merlot. Black Current and chocolate for Cabernet Sauvignon and Melon for Sauvignon Blanc.

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