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Waterslide Decal help, please!

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After applying the decal onto a pillar candle, should I put a coating of something over the top to help secure the decal to the candle?

I read in a search that someone did a over-dip of the pillar. I don't have equipment available to accomplish this. I tried to brush wax over the decal and that gave the pillar a brushed look, which maybe is OK, but not what I'm looking for right now.

Maybe I don't need anything at all.?? I'm making a wedding unity candle and the church isn't air conditioned, so I'm afraid the decal will curl up on the edges in our humid weather.

Any help would be appreciated.



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you can try a lil modge podge gloss see if that works maybe? just enought to cover the decal outter edges of the decal

Thanks PixieWick . . . I went out last night and bought some modge podge. I will apply like you said - just a little over the edge. Hope it turns out!

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