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Blue Agava and Cacao type FBD

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That turned out nice!!

I may just try a DC since I am coloring it all blue with white embeds.

I hate using FW anymore! But my recipe is loaded with hard fast tracing oils, so we shall see how brave I be!:laugh2:

lol you could do salt bar instead with it seems to give me a little bit more time than reg cp:laugh2: just a tad . don't you just love it ! i just sent jackie a bar of it . i love how it smells! i think it will be to light for candles

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Can't do salt bars with it. It's my "gift" for a show I am the organizer for. Anyone who helps out .. gets one! Not sure how they would all like a salt bar.

Around here salt bars are strictly by "choice". The ones that use them LOVE them.. but the ones that don't, won't even TRY one.. even if it's free.:rolleyes2

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