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Scented Beaded Cupcake!


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Hello everyone!

In keeping with my trend of scented mini foods, I just recently finished making a scented beaded cupcake!


I’ve been working on a beaded cupcake with swirly icing for a while now. I think I really like how this one turned out. I may do a little work on the bottom cake part, but over all I’m quite happy with it!

This one is approximately 1 1/8” tall. Scented with Fresh Raspberry fragrance.

I plan on adding some fun little sprinkles, cherries, and other toppings to them later on. Right now I’m just trying to get the shape and the icing right. I’ll also probably change up the fragrances and use scents like buttercream, strawberry buttercream, lemon cupcake, etc. More bakery type scents.

I’ve got some adorable little packaging on the way for them, too!

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and suggestions! Especially on toppings. Beaded fruit slices, flowers, etc.

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That is so cute!!!

How in the world do you scent them? Is there a piece of something inside?

If I was looking for charms like that, I think I'd dig some cherries, or a cherry on top of a cupcake. I love the look, hate the taste. :D

I absolutely love lilac petals too.

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awesome bead work, i love it!!!

maybe try 2 shades of color on the bottom like 2 light shades of yellow for vanilla, 2 darker shades of brown for chocolate, etc...

cherry or strawberry on top would be adorable or even how they have those cupcake toppers like butterflies and such

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Thanks guys!

I love the idea of two shades of beads for the bottom. I will definitely try that!

I'm also working on some that have different swirled icing colors! I can't wait to get one of those finished.

This one is actually too big for a necklace, so I'm going to work on a smaller version that can be used on a necklace. I've had a lot of people asking to put it on a necklace, but this one is a bit too big! lol

I also just ordered some Swarovski rounds to use as cherries on top! And I've got a bunch of really cute sprinkle-type beads. I also did a few beaded kiwi and strawberry slices, and a set of citrus slices. I just need to sit down with all of my ideas, and start working stuff out.

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