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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and glad to be here.I was reading up on FO's and most people say that you can't get them all from one place so I've been testing out a few.I have purchased from....

ND (from Canada)




I can see that one company's cucumber is totally different from the other for example but who do you think has the best quality scents --does not have to be from above list--.I am looking for nice rich scents that don't smell like chemicals or horrible air fresheners,hint hint that has happened with a few from above.

Thanks in advance.

note I use IGI 4627

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I can see that one company's cucumber is totally different from the other for example but who do you think has the best quality scents

You will find that to be the case, even with types.

I use 4627. My mantra is if it doesn't throw in 4627, it won't throw! lol.

There is no one supplier, unfortunately. Everything from fragrance oil load to ambient temperature to wicks and everything in between can make your results different from mine.

From your list: CandleScience. Not being Canadian, I've never heard of ND. Wellington has improved over the years, but not enough to buy from. Sweetcakes has some good oils, but their focus is B&B, not wax.

You'll just have to do like everybody else. Watch for sales, buy small amounts, and test. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. If you were asking specifically about a scent, it would be easier to help.

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Unfortunately, you'll have to do what we've all done: spend much money ordering tons of samples from many, many suppliers, test-test-test, & then narrow it down to your favorites & make those your main suppliers. Life would be wonderful & so much cheaper if there were one supplier that carried the very best & my favorites of everything. I've been testing oils for a few years now & I still haven't tried every single supplier on the master list. I wish I could though! Once I find a favorite for a particular scent, I stop searching & make that "the one" & then go on searching for the next scent on my lists. I know it isn't much of a help, but check out the big supplier list at the very top of the Fragrance Discussion section. Let me see if this link works:


You can read through reviews of individual oils at each supplier at these search/review boards. I've stayed up many a night reading them. It's actually quite fun & it's really helpful.


Fragrance Finder (old link)|New Fragrance Finder

Scent Forum

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