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Okay everyone, I'm needing a little advice. We have been asked by several people about doing a home candle party. I have no doubt in our product or our presentation; however, what I am wondering...is what incentives do you offer your hostess?

If you guys can give examples like, if you sell this much you get this, or whatever it is that you offer. I would appreciate any examples that you guys can give....

Thanks so much,


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I haven't done a home show yet, but a girlfriend of mine does scrapbooking home shows and has other friends that do home partys for different companies and she gathered up the promo catalogs they give hostesses and we worked out this 'reward' system for me:

$150 total will earn you $15 in free candles.

$250 total will earn you $28 in free candles.

$500 total will earn you $60 in free candles.

$750 total will earn you $98 in free candles.

$1,000 total will earn you $140 in free candles.

Plus the hostess get One Free Candle just for hosting. though now that I'm expanding to B&B, I think I'm going to have to tweak my program. I also have a preferred customer program and offer double squares on party night.. though its usually $10 a square and the redeem is worth my current Candle of the Month offering (again something else to tweak)

I get my Preferred Customer cards at www.thebooster.com I usually but the ones with the info card to start and then get the unattached ones as they redeem their old ones.

Hope this helps, or at least gives a few ideas.

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Thank You so much for your ideas. It kind of matches the ideas that I was thinking of as well. So at least I know I'm on the right track.

Anyone else???

Thanks again,


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I haven't had mine yet, but was just hashing out the details with my dh's aunt and my sil yesterday (since they will be having my first parties for me in a month or so). Here is what looks good to me:

$150 minimum show and 10% of product free plus 5% off any addition product

$300 with 15% free product and 10% off additional product

$500 and up 20% free product and 15% off additional product.

The hostess will get a free 16 oz Platinum Mason Jar when they have their party. Also, if someone books a party and has it, the previous hostess will get 10% off her order when the party is held.

I think that is what I will do for now until I see how things go.


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I have had really good luck doing candle parties and open houses with other in home sales people (food candles with pampered chef works great)

Here is the breakdown for us:

*Exclusive 16oz Host Candle free in the scent and color of your choice, just for inviting us into your home.

*10% discount for 1 year after your show.

Sales Totals

FREE Candles

$100 - $249


$250 - $399


$400 - $549


$550 - $699


$700 - $849


$850 - $1000




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