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I see now that they are at 50%. Besides mixed reviews with the customer service. I think I'm going to take my chances and place an order. Like I need more FO to add to my already bursting at the seems cabinet. Here are a few I am contemplating. Anyone ever used:

white sand

white sage

white lily and diamond

wedding day


vanilla rum cake

seamist and lavender

I use 100% soy from Bluegrass so I'm interested in cold/hot throw. I am looking for fragrances for my fraggles (fragrant stuffed animals) as well as air fresheners.

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I'm not a candle person, so I can't help ya there... but just wanted to let you know that White Sands smells REALLY good. I had ordered a lb... and went ahead and ordered two more lbs when I got the first lb. in and sniffed it. Eventually, I'll get this in some CP to see how it does. :)

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