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Emu Oil vs. Avocado Oil


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With all that I read about Emu oil, I think I have decided to add it to my foot care product because of its transdermal properties. However, I recently learned that Avocado Oil has the highest penetration rate of any of the similar vegetable oils. Has anyone had a chance to compare the two? If so, how does the consistency compare and which do you feel has the better penetration rate?

I like the idea of using a veggie oil because some of my clients wouldn't purchase anything with animal fat. However, I really do want to use the most effective oil in my products. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks.

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IMO, Emu helps the skin to heal. I'm telling you, once you try emu in your foot products, you'll be amazed on the softness and healing abilities it gives. I wouldn't worry about customers and the animal fat issue... emu oil is popular, alot of people know about it and the properties it has. Now if you have some vegans, they might not like the idea...lol But maybe you can make something different for the vegans?

I can use a foot butter with regular veggie oils (including avocado), and while it does moisturize, it doesn't penetrate and heal the damaged skin (cracked heels, callouses).

Now, if I use a foot butter containing emu oil, I feel immediate results, and within a few days of using it, my heels are not scraggly anymore. And I know sometimes, a few of the cracks I get kinda open up and hurt like the dickens... one application of emu oil stops the pain within minutes.

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