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Question about M&P and Jeff's Molds


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I am totally new to M&P soap so I thought I would ask you knowledgeable folks my burning question.

Can Jeffs molds be used with M&P soaps? I want to use SFIC bases like Shea and Goats Milk. Yes I did pm him and ask but since he has never used M&P before he wasn't sure and thought some one on here may know. Thank you for all your help.


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I have never used Jeff's molds, but I can't imagine any reason why they wouldn't be useful for MP soap. You can use just about anything for a soap mold, and MP is no different at all than other soap. Just needs something to form to and of course something that will let it out when it's ready :) I've used everything from boxes, to pringles cans, to homemade molds to old sewing machine drawers, to regular purchased specialty molds for any kind of soap. Have fun! :)

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