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Question for Stella :)

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I think you mentined before that you use CDN's in your palm wax candles, correct? How big is the flame you get when using the CDN's. I've tried CSN's from CS to no avail. no matter what I do they just burn with very large flame and really hot.

Thinking about giving up on CSNs and trying the CDNs :)


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I don't think this is a problem with the CSNs (although I have never tested them) - I think it's a characteristic of some ingredient in the GG wax blend. I have had problems with the flame height in Glass Glow (IGI R2322A) but not in any other pillar palm waxes I have used from other sources (GG is the only one of CS's palm wax products I have tried thus far...). I sometimes have to wick down with GG and pay a lot more attention to air trapping prevention and keeping the wick trimmed. I think another issue with GG (and all palm waxes I have used) that contributes to the "big flame" observation is the formation of air pockets that have not been released. As the melted wax runs in to fill them, whether it's one big cavern or 10 smaller bubbles, the result is that the melt pool is drained, more wick is exposed and the flame gets bigger. Some folks report no problems with air trapping with their GG, but that has not been my experience with the product. When I pay close attention to relieving those air traps, I don't have problems with the flames growing because of the melt pool draining, so the only issue that remains is whatever ingredient makes the flame a little bigger in the first place, which is easier to handle. HTH :)

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