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Wicking Woes

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What's the problem when the wick spontaneously extinguishes?

I'm trying to use GW415 in a 12 oz container, 3" diameter, scant 1 oz FO, no color, and I double wicked with C75 cotton wicks.

The first couple of test burns, about 3-4 hours each, turned out very nicely and I was doing the happy dance. Subsequent burns, however, have resulted in low flames and spontaneous extinguishing. I've burned about half the candle. Today's burn resulted in one wick going out after about half an hour. The other continued to chug on.

Each time I try to light the wicks, it takes forever for them to catch.

What's up with this? I'd really like to use the 415, but I'm having a dickens of a time finding the right wick for the wax. Do I need to try something besides cotton?

Thanks so much for your help!

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The first wick I tried was a C80 from Peaks. It did not perform well at all. Mine did the same thing. They drowned themselves out. I used straight CBA at the time in a 3.5in diameter apothecary jar. I did get the candle wicked with CD's. Most Fo's so far take a CD18 or 20.

Now I am using a 50/50 mix of CBA and 415. I am till using the same wicks with good results.

Do you have any other wicks to try?? If not I can drop a few in the mail for you. Let me know if you need any.



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Thanks, Danielle. That's so sweet of you to offer to send me some wicks to try! I couldn't ask you to do that. Sharing your experience is help enough!

I bought a bag of the C75 wicks from Peak and I have a sample box of Premier wicks from from Wick-it. I've tried several of the Premier sizes (up to 798 for the apothecary jars, which still left large klingons on the sides). I don't mind buying others, I just don't know what to buy! I'll try some CD 18 & 20 and see what happens.

Thank you!

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It really isn't a problem. I can put a few in an envelope and send them on their merry way!!

I have gotten so much from this board, I would love to give back a bit!

ETA: I tried the premier and superior, didn't care for them. I didn't give them much of a chance, but what I did test....I put them in the bottom drawer. LOL

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