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I wanted to know if any one uses real fruits or veggies in their soaps?! You know like Strawberries, Banana's, Avacado's or Cucumbers?!

If so how would you go about adding it to CPHP or CP?

I want to try it since i now have the CPHP down (i'll post pics of my first try soon as i get my slicer, lol..tomorrow YEAH!!)

I thought adding a little bit of something real would add more benifits. Specialy with Advacado's.....

Would i need to take away a % of something since i'm adding it, or would it be added just like an additive after the trace process?! Also would i need to use something so it won't be rancid?! If so what?!

Thanks a Million:p

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I've heard of using cucumbers, peels and all! I think you just use a small portion of cucumber puree as your liquid. I haven't tried cucumber soap yet. Now, I use pumpkin puree every Autumn for my pumpkin soaps and they are awesome! I use a synthetic fragrance but use real pumpkin puree as a portion of my liquids and the soaps are some of the best I make! I haven't worked with avacado either, but maybe someone else will chime in on that one. :tiptoe:

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