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Bath bombs


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MAde my first bath bombs today

4T citric acid


1/2 c baking soda

3oz oil

I used 2 oz samsara and 1 oz sweet almond oil

I put them in a heart ice tray mold-too make small ones

Guess it said to tap them tightly in and then will pop out better keeping shape

They did not keep shape very well-but pieces i scrunched into balls

Let set 3-4 hours and ready?

Sound right?

Are not for sale-more for personal use and gifts-niece and such

Is this how others make theirs? or does anyone have a suggestion?

Was quite humid here today-rainy!! Was working the street fair but was pouring rain and 40 degrees and people were closing tents and not many were out shopping so people i work for let me and other girl go home!!

Better luck tomorrow!!

Felt bad for small timers who might have paid steep fees to have a booth-was a candle booth across from us! She was not getting business!!

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That seems like alot of oil to me if I am reading your recipe right. There are a few bath bomb recipes in the recipe section that may help you out. I noticed that once I started adding butters to mine and salts that the quality of the bath bombs improved greatly too. Good luck to you, bath bombs can be a bugger!

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