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Labcolors help


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I never really had good luck with the Labcolor blues. :sad2:

I tend to add on average about 5-6 drops (never really liked the outcome), and I have known others that use a bit more to obtain a deeper color.

I have used Sky Blue from Celestial Colors- great shade of blue and only used a tiny bit.

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I like cornflower blue mica for a light blue.

I have been conducting a few experiements with labcolors. All my soaps are GM and quite a few really like to heat up. I don't mind having them gel except for when I am using labcolors. anything with any red in it will totally disappear in a really hot gel, but if I put them in the fridge to stop the gel I can get the pinks and oranges to show. Some greens come out blue when they gel. I've actually gone into Brambleberry's store (Otion) and shown them the differences. they agree that it can happen. I do wish they would put it on their site though so other people can be aware of it!


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