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Glass Pillar Holders?


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glass pillar holders?

I am not sure if I understand what you mean by that... votives are supposed to be burned in close-fitting containers, but pillars are meant to burn freestanding... Are you talking about big hurricane containers? Now I do burn pillars in those, but they have to have a LOT of airspace around the pillar so as not to contain the heat. I bought mine at WalMart (candle & floral supply area) for around $6 - perfect size for a 3" pillar. I saw some larger ones in a different section of the store, but they were MUCH pricier! Originally, I purchased mine for using on my porch to shelter the candles from breezes, but I liked how evenly the pillars burned in them so much, I now use them all over the house! Sure beats worrying about the wax dripping! :)

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