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Additive ideas?

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Still messing with old 415 that has a higher than average melt point. Thought I had it by mixing with CB30 but after all the testing, the case arrived and yes, Holly, I think they did change something. Blew that months work away. So started adding many different things...Jason had mentioned Crisco. So went through all the testers with less than grand results except...This last jelly jar seems to be burning pretty well with an eco 6 wick and brown color and 8% cinnamon bun FO...I added 1 Tbsp. canola oil. Throw is so-so but full melt pool is not achieved yet. It did have some white spots in the set up candle but the Crisco was worse. And, I did mix well before adding FO. It didn't frost at all. I just expect it to smoke or something as it gets down in the jar. So getting back to the question, what could I add that would do about the same thing? Seems to weird to add canola. Thought of the coconut oil but read up and found it hardens the wax. Next I'll be adding corn oil. lol. Ideas? TIA. Beth

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