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Hello and one question after another(Fo, lab tests, and scenting q's)...

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Hello everyone, i am so glad i found this forum a while ago, and finally had a chance to post.

I would love to share what i know and hear from people with more expierence, which brings me to the questions i was contemplating,

1) i plan to have a little B&B business someda, but first i want to test many bases, what is the diifrence between body safe, and cosmetic grade fragrance oils?

2)if i want to make my own bases and then have them tested by a lab does anyone know how long this procedure usually takes?

3) (i know so many questions already....) i read Cathrine failor's book making liquid soap, and she says that right after making the batch and cooling it, is the time to scent and colour the products like shower gel and etc. Does anyone have any idea what B&B bases manufactures do that you can colour and scent their products whenever you please?

Thank you sososos much in advance and i hope to meet lots of new people here.

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Welcome! :yay:

1) Not sure, but then I'm not exactly too fond of fragrance oils. I have a sensitive nose, a lot of them smell artificial to me. I think they should be the same..."cosmetic grade" usually means it's fine for your skin. Better someone with more experience here answer you though.

2) There's a thread somewhere in the forum about testing and all that, the costs, the time, etc. I think there's 2 types, can't quite remember which. Might wanna run a search. One costs $40, the other $400.

3) Oh dear, that's a loaded question! Lots... there's shower gel bases, shampoo bases, conditioner bases, lotion bases, lotion bar bases, lip balm bases, even bath bomb bases... just about anything under the sun.

Lindsay at http://www.soapersworkshop.com makes some excellent bases... lots of candletechies have given her stuff glowing reviews, I'm waiting for her to finish her move so I can order my own! She ships them condensed too (saves on shipping!) then you can add distilled water til it's the consistency you like - cream, lotion, body milk, etc.

Other things, lots of other places -

Majestic Mountain Sage - http://www.the-sage.com

Brambleberry - http://www.brambleberry.com

Essential Wholesale - http://www.essentialwholesale.com/category_s/57.htm

Wholesale Supplies Plus - http://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com/StoreGroup.aspx?GroupID=332&GroupName=+Bases+%26+Concentrates

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