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I want to make some chocolate mint M&P. What should I use for a dark brown color...? cocoa powder? will that give it any chocolate fragrance, I use only EOs so I don't have a chocolate FO. I figure I will have to use clear base for the chocolate to get a brown, it would be too hard to get it in the opaque. thanks for any suggestions!:rolleyes2

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You can use any base you want but for this particular project I used an opaque white MP base from Brambleberry. I melted the "whipped topping" portion of the base in the microwave and then took my trusty handheld mixer with the egg beater attachment to it.

It only needs a minute or so to get that whipped egg white look (think stiff peaks). Then pour, baby, pour! The extra air that gives the whipped soap its shape also cools it down. Once poured on the cooling chocolate portion, I shaped it a bit with a frosting spreader.

It was incredibly easy, seriously. Give it a go sometime. I even made some peach whipped soap with a GM base. It's my hubby's fav!:grin2:

Edited to add: I also found that the Goats Milk MP base whipped better than the regular white MP base. Either will work though.

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