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Pumpkin fo's and my nose!

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Is it just my nose or are most pumpkin fo's mild to weak in soy (well actually my GL 70/30)? I've tried several from different suppliers, added at high temps and lower temps, stirred like crazy, experimented with different %'s and wicks and can't detect anything more than a weak hot throw. :confused: All I want is a candle that smells like a pie baking in the oven and fills up a room nicely. Is this too much to ask from pumpkin in a parasoy blend???

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I have used Save On Scents' pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice and had great hot and cold throw- same with their hot apple pie & blueberry pie. Their Thanksgiving is great, too. Balsam fir...

I like Millcreek's Cozy home for a cinnamony spice, as well.

Good luck!

Is this in a soy or soyblend?

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