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bottles and lotions and spray base


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I have several questions. I am making candles and have had good success with them. I started making scented sanitizers, since I have four kids and we go through a ton of the stuff. The bath and body sanitizers are great and the kids love them.(love them too much). But they were too expensive as much as we use them. So that is why I started making them. We have been selling the sanitizers.

Can you guys tell me what lotions that you have tried and from what supplier? I am also making body sprays.

The other question, a good supplier for the bottles. It really gets confusing after awhile. I apreciate any help that you guys can offer.



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I've ordered samples of all kinds of bases from all of the following places & they were all great. It gets hard to narrow it down to your favorites & what you think your buyers will want. I guess, try them out & see which are the products you'd like to make. Here are the ones that I liked the most:

www.candlesupply.com (bitter creek)

www.soapandthings.com (jody's)

www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com (wsp)



I hear great things about www.soapersworkshop.com , although I haven't used them myself.

For bottling/containers, etc..... I use WSP, www.bayousome.com , and Essentials by Catalina. Other places are SKS bottle, Freund Container to name a few.

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I'm about to order from soapersworkshop... well, once Lindsay finishes her move :D

I can't wait, her lotion/cream bases look awesome! I have a tight budget so I research like mad before I decide on something, and there's lots of good things going around about them. The fact that they're shipped condensed is heavenly news to me and my wallet. The lip balm kits look great too - I'm ordering the mac and jojoba one.

Sadly, this means I can't give you my opinions on them, but I can say for certain that Lindsay's extremely helpful and friendly, and her site is very informative about her products.

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