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Insurance Option for hobby/part-timers


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Many of us are in the testing and startup phase. We may sell or give away a small number of our home-made candles each year. In my search for low-cost insurance for this purpose, I came across the American Craft Council (previously mentioned on this board but with no detail). I contacted the insurance broker. I live in Florida (insurance Hades), and was given a ballpark verbal quote for $1 million liability and product coverage of about $350.00 per year. More coverage is available. I have not purchased the insurance yet but this company is all over the web offering coverage with many different clubs and organizations. I was given permission to post the agent's contact information. It is not actually necessary to join an organization to get the coverage but the American Craft Council does seem to have a lot of nice benefits. Here is the insurance agent's information-I hope it helps some of you out there. Please post your feedback on the company if you have any. Thank you everyone on this site for all your great advice. Julie

Larry Voith, CPCU

7150 Winton Drive South

Indianapolis, In., 46268

Phone: 317-328-4518

Toll Free: 888-258-6820

Fax: 317-328-4640

email: lvoith@benefitresourcing.net

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