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Whats a girl to do???

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All of a sudden ive been approached by shop owners who are interested in stocking my candles in their shop(havent crossed the ts and dotted the eyes yet ) The first guy was at a craft fair and wanted glass container candles in the style of the yankee jars,i told him i didnt do those at the moment and then i was speaking to a lady in our town who has just opened a gift shop in town and is interested in my candles so i have an appointment with her tommorow hopefully she'll like wot i do but she was telling me about how she uses Yankee candles at home and approached them about stocking there brand but wanted a min order of £1500 to open her account!! She want something that looks like that but smells and burns amazing!!!

So now im tempted to try them after all if the demand is they you do it dont you??? There is no one near me who does this type of candle but a yankee store opened up in the main town 20 mins away a year or so ago and is really popular.

It would mean starting all over again and hoping that they dont find someone else to supply them before mine are ready. I was thinking maybe if i worked hard i could have them tested and ready for when the xmas shopping starts.

What would you do???

Where would you start?

Could i still use parrafin wax or would i have to change to soy wax to get a better scent throw??

Sorry guys so much in my head and noone else understands the world of candles like you all do!!

TIA X:undecided :undecided :undecided

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