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50/50 and Zincs?

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I just got a sample of KY 50/50 and went straight to the lab to try and wick it. Im using a 3 inch tumbler no color at this point and 2 different fo's. The first test was a CD 14 and a 60-44-18Z. Both started out fine and had full MP by 3hrs but noticed on second burn a burning smell and some schrooming on both, couldn't tell which wick was the culprit for the burnt smell. 2nd test was a RRD 47 and again the 60-44-18Z. The RRD smoked when lit and smokes at times while burning, cannot detect a burnt smell but I do not like the smoking.

So my question is...does anyone else use zincs in the 50/50 and what has been your experience with other wicks in this wax...TIA :smiley2:

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I use a CD 10 in a widemouth JJ which is just over 3", with my 50/50 (Farmhouse) I do get some mushrooming after power burns or w/ certain oils, but no smoking, for MANY hours...then I trim. I love these wicks w/ this wax, and get great throws, with little/no cure, w/ most oils.

Maybe wicking down would help.


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Thanks Sharon...good point on that CD...I really like CD's and use the 14's for my 70/30 soy/para blend so I just used that as a starting point but with more paraffin I can probably wick down and eliminate the burnt smell...I'm going to give that a try next...:cheesy2:

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