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MP Face Soap?

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Hmm, will you be using the soap directly on your face? If so, jojoba beads may be a bit scratchy and/or irritating. If you're trying for a nice exfoliating face soap, maybe you could try Apricot Seed meal. It's very gentle and a teeny tiny bit goes a long way.

M&P can be drying, it kinda depends on the brand you use, but despite that, you CAN make non-drying soap w/ it. You can add all kinds of oils to M&P based on your needs. But I wouldn't use clear base if adding oils, it'll just get cloudy.

One of the fun things about M&P is that you can experiment til your hearts content.

Go for it & have fun!



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They are actually the vitaburst beads that I will be using, the ones with Vit A, C and E in them. For some reason I just automatically typed in jojoba beads:shocked2: . I was thinking of the clear suspension so you can see the beads throughout the bar soap and the suspension I see only comes in clear. I want the beads throughout the bar and not floating on the top like when you make an oatmeal scrubby. I think I'm gonna do a little of experimenting and then try it out on me to see what happens as I have just normal skin..not too oily, not too dry. Thanks for all the replies :cheesy2:


The Soap Box

Oh I also found Sea Kelp Granules and it is listed as excellent for the face so I am thinking of getting those too, they are pretty inexpensive.

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I know you asked about the vitabeads and & MP soap but I found a recipe for a MP face soap that might help:

Facial soap/good for all skin types

makes six 2 oz. bars

Iris Emily PUREEM@aol.com

13 oz opaque m&p

3 tsp lavender flower infused oil - olive, jojoba, almond, etc

1 tsp. Lavender EO

1 tsp. Vitamin E

1 tsp. honey

1/2 tsp. pink clay

1/2 tsp. finely ground lavender flowers (You can grind your own or buy

lavender flowers in powdered form)

slight tint for color (optional)

Gently melt m&p, add oil, vit e, honey until mixed, then add eo, flowers, clay, and tint

Instead of the clay, maybe you could add the vitaburst beady thingies?

BTW I found this recipe in the B&B recipe section. Just do a search for MP soap and there are a ton of recipes. HTH

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