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? on using tealight insert plug on forever pillars

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Mine came today so I am SOOOO ready to go making forever/everlasting palm pillars with it!

Anyone who has experience with using it, please post. I don't know if it requires mold sealer around the plug to keep it from leaking. I don't have ANY instructions from the manufacturer-- it just shows up in a ziploc bag with the part name on it. Am I a mind reader? (working on it, but still not there yet....I do have children.....)

Please please please help me and thank you thank you thank you!

~~It's like getting a Christmas toy with no batteries and there are no stores open to buy batteries at!!!


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lol! I so hear ya! I had the same questions when I got mine. I used a hot glue gun & just dabbed a little glue on the outside of the hole...works just as good as mold sealer. Then one day I ran out of glue sticks so used nothing. I had no leaks in my 4 inch diameter mold, but my 3 in leaks every time. I have a magnet square coming (please excuse me I can't remember whats its actually called) but it looks like a square & its magnet...sticks to the bottom of most molds, so it says...lol I'll let you know how it works.

Good luck! Any questions, just ask!

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