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soy pillar and not hugging

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Hi. I thought I just posted this, but can't find it...senility. Read on this forum that you can't hug soy pillars...they crack. So, how are they supposed to burn if you can't hug them? Do they just tunnel down all the way or do they burn some off the sides as they continue? After 3-4 hours, I have between 1/2" and 3/4" shell on a 3" dia. candle. Flame is good, throw is not bad, but would like the shell smaller if it just keeps burning down. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Beth

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Sounds to me like you need to use a larger wick.

This is what I'm getting with an LX24, I'm using my own Ecosoya/para blend which I've found to be more stable than the soy alone......I've got some soy alone candles curing just now I'll send you a pic when I've got one burning ( just hope it burns well now I've said that....lol)

This is after it's 4th burn of 5 hours.



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