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Palm wax question

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That old saying "no question asked is a dumb question" is going to apply here. :o

Can palm wax be melted in the microwave? I usually will use the microwave with my soy if it's just for a small amount but I'm new to the whole palm wax thing so thought I'd ask.

Also, instead of starting a new topic I'll ask my next question here too and hope for the best. I just ordered my first FO's from Candlewic and am wondering how on earth I'm supposed to know if a particular oil is bath and body safe? Doesn't say a darn thing about it on the bottle or label.

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Can palm wax be melted in the microwave?

I suppose it can be melted there, but controlling the temperature would be rather difficult. But then again, I wouldn't melt any wax in the microwave for the same reason.

As for the fragrance question, go here


and click on "more info" for the particular type of scent your purchased. If you have further questions regarding their products, why not email them and ask? ;)

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