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I need help! I have been making soy tarts for 4 years. Decided to try wickless. I use MC's soy wax with some beeswax. My tarts have always been really strong using mostly MC's fragrances at 1.5 oz per pound. I tried the wickless using the same way I make tarts thinking it would be stronger than the tarts because of the size. I used Peaks tins with Jamacan me crazy scent and really cant smell a thing. Using 1oz fo per pound. My question is-do I have to up the fo with wickless? Are they supposed to be strong as in fill up the room with the scent or am I expecting too much from these? I don't want to give up just yet but I am not impressed at all. I am now melting one that used Yling Ylang Ginger from MC and I think it may be a little better. Any advice appreciated!

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I agree if you are using the tins just use straight 415. There is no need for BW with melting pots. MC's fo's are strong so maybe the BW is hindering it a little. I have awesome luck with MC's waxes and fo's and I use the tins too! Try it without the next time. The tins hold heat a lot better so if its smoother tops your looking for just pour at a slushy stage and they set up pretty smooth.

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