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Calling All Jewelery Makers, Im getting married & I wanna see your goodies


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Date is set, plans are being made and I suppose I need some sort of jewelery. I am to the point of stuffing my mils head up her ass with her pushing of her grammas salt water pearl necklace and earrings. I am not a pearl gal, not today not that day not ever. So what I am basically looking for is a necklace and smaller earrings for myself (Maybe a braclet and or anklet as well) for me and two sets of earrings/necklaces/braclets for my gals. I am not bling bling. I am not looking for HIGH dollar goods. Just something pretty, functional and wont turn me or my gals green....

So whatcha got?

Please post here, pm me or send me to your website


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i already pm'd cara this but i'll post it incase anyone else is interested

check out www.jamieshandmadetreasures.com she also has a myspace that has some of her wedding stuff on it http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm...id=156 956630 her site is still under construction but she's so nice great to work with

she does custom peices too

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I just wanted to thank Jenn for adding my info to this thread and to let everyone know I have added a bit more stuff to the site. I still have a ton left to add tho. I make everything for weddings, receptions, and showers too.


Jamie's Handmade Treasures

no prob chickie you know i love your work

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