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I need basic instructions/recipe


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I really want to make a facial serum with some monoi....I just have no idea how to make a facial serum...do I just put some oils together that I like? Do, I have to make it like a lotion? I cannot find a recipe or instructions anywhere (well, I found one, but I don't really understand it and only have one thing on her list).

So, just as an example of some of the things I want: I really want monoi in there, I have some squaline that I want to use and botanical extracts, and perhaps some jojoba...so...what am I missing to make it a serum? Can I just stick those together? Would I need a preservative? will they seperate? I just have no clue where to begin...I'd really like some help!:confused: PLEASE steer my in the right dierection!:shocked2:


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