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Ok, years ago I did the craft show circuit and for some reason I thought I would not have to pay my dues twice once I got back into candlemaking. What I am learning tho is that a website is great except, quoting a friend that has the most profound common sense, "well, most people like to smell them before they buy for the first time" lol. Believe it or not, I actually had not factored this into my business plan... So, what I have found is that those folks around me who have smelled the products order well and the web site is great for them but to increase my market base, I am going to have to do a few shows I guess. Ugh! I am looking for any suggestions out there to streamline this process. Displays, finding the right shows in Northern Ohio, how much product to prep, etc. I would really appreciate the input!!!

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Hands on always seems to work the best for fragranced products. We've got a stickied thread on craft show tips, have you seen it?


One thing you might do on your website is to offer inexpensive samples, like tarts or scent chips or something similar. A try before you buy type of thing. You could also refund them the cost of the samples on their next order over $x.

I love shows.

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