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has anyone tried SOS?

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I've got some new oils from there & it's sorta 'hit & miss' like other places I guess. I tried some in the past that were on the weak side, but no problems with this latest supply.

Their Cherry Almond is awesome (& very strong IMO)! Soaped it at the usual amount for my soap batch & it's about to run me outta the house right now! Although it doesn't have the amount of almond in it that I've grown used to from other places...it still rocks in it's own right and I could almost drink it straight from the bottle!

Their Green Clover & Aloe is another strong one & I really really like this one, especially in soaps and b&b stuff. Very nice, clean 'soapy' scent.

Only one I'm still undecided about is their Cannibus/Pot fo. To me it just doesn't smell like it much. Has more of a "men's cologne" scent, but it's strong. It might just be me though, cuz my testers say they can smell the 'pot' scent just fine.

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They are "eh". I ordered from them once & wasn't impressed enough to order again. I found too many other suppliers out there that I liked better. Although, many people claim that they like their high grade oils in the designer dupes.

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I buy a few scents from SOS, and I love them. I've had a few that I regret buying though. IMO... Get the Manufacturer's Grade, and uprade to Extreme Concentrate. I find the others are just too weak. I buy Coast type fo from them... and let me tell you... OMG... the BEST. Smells just like coast soap. It's awesome in my body cream that I make. I also made a body spritzer with it. Awesome. There is another fo called Squeaky Clean. That one is good too. I love the clean, soapy, just stepped out of the shower smells. I bought a 2oz of the Dove type oil, and I really don't smell a thing!! It's very very very light, and I had upgraded to Extreme concentrate. So, like someone else on the board said... it's kinda like a "hit and miss".

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