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Sign Language hand sign for love clipart


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My grandparents were both deaf....they had 5 daughters...Well my Grandparents have passed on...and my mom bought all her sisters a lightlight that has the sign language for love on it...So now that she has seen some of the candles I am making...she wants me to make her some tumblers with the LOVE sign on them so that she can give to her sisters!

Wish me luck!


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Wow both Grandparents deaf. Were they born that way?

I'm deaf also, I know the old age sign languages cause I can now talk and boy can I talk LOL after years of training and learning how to talk...lol i drop sign language like hot potatoes..cause i can talk lol anyhow today if a deaf person came to me and sign, i'm floored, they have like short handed sign languages and they're FAST lol

So i'm just a basic sign language level..lol

Did ya get my email yet?


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