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Thoughts on SOS Cannibus/Pot FO?


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I just soaped a batch with this fo and I'm confuzzled as to what it smells like, but not Pot (erm, from what I've heard).

OOB it smelled like pot, with an undertone of men's cologne (& sorta faint alcohol-y smell). I figured, what the heck, that part will probably fade out/evaporate/burn off, whatever. Well now that I've soaped it, that's the ONLY part you can smell...the men's cologne, and every trace of the pot scent is gone.

The soap is only one day old, so it's too soon to tell what'll happen for sure. I'm hoping the scent will return to what it's supposed to be. Anyone soaped this before that can give me an idea of what to expect? Right now the smell is taking over my whole house & it reminds me of sitting in church when I was little, next to ole men who wore too much aftershave. Ick!

I was gonna call this "Hillbilly Hemp" soap cuz it's got 15% Hemp butter in it, but I'm thinkin now I'll name it "Southern Baptist Deacon".

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