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First Batch of CP Soap - Questions???

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I just made my first batch of cp soap. It went well - the feel and texture seems to be fine. I used the recipe on bitter creeks message board - the only thing I changed was I was short 3 oz. apricot oil so I used 3 oz of Extra Vigin Olive Oil.

Here's my question - it's brown like chocolate! Why did it get so dark? The EVOO??? Also - it kind of swirled a tiny bit - a little bit of cream color is swirled in. Any ideas?

Lastly - what kind of dye do you use for CP soap. I bought some water base dye - is that right or wrong? Please help!



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First of all, I hope you ran the revised recipe through a soap calculator. Oils have different sap values, the amount of lye required to saponify them and turn them into soap. You can't just take a recipe and sub an oil without recalculating the lye amount.

As far the darkening, that can depend upon many factors, including the oils themselves and the fragrance used. Fragrances with vanilla notes tend to darken.

Water based colorants are NOT for CP soap. They are meant for MP.

You can use natural colorants like cocoa powder, herbs, and clays or buy colorants specifically meant for CP soap.

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You need to go read the http://millersoap.com website before you make some more soap. What you did could have been dangerous.

Apricot oil takes more lye than olive oil - so you won't have as much leftover oil (the superfat) as you want - it won't be as gentle and depending on the recipe, might even be harsh if it's close to being lye heavy.

Coconut is also a fragrance that will turn soap dark brown.

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I did not run it through the calculator - I thought liquid oil was liquid oil. :embarasse

Robin is right; this statement indicates that you have not done enough research, if any. It is imperative that you fully understand the process before you attempt soapmaking. You need to go back to square one and read away.


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