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Fragrance Oil Heaven Review


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Here's my review of the 8 scents I ordered and put in wax.

They all threw very well in a combo igi 4267/4630 wax at 10%

My favorite was Bamboo Sugar Cane. I ordered the large bottle. I loved it in wax, roll on perfume and lotion. I think it will make excellent soap, too.

I was complimented on the scent when I wore it. A lady wanted to buy it from me, so I sold it to her.

I also loved Indonesian Teak and Moonlight path and plan on ordering them in a large size (when I get a large amber glass bottles to store them in). I really enjoyed these scents in a candle...very relaxing...great throw.

I also liked the Lemon Sugar, it reminded me of fresh squeezed sugary lemonade, the sensuous secrets in wax (but not oob). The red currant thyme was also an interesting candle...it smells like iced tea.

The yuzu was not my favorite...i was expecting grapefruit but it reminded me of the orange scent of St Josephs baby asprin.

The asian spice reminded me of the pink stuff you put on poison ivy...my friend said it reminded her of Zen Gum (which I am not familiar with). Nonetheless, they still had amazing throw.

My top three were

Bamboo Sugar Cane

Indonesian Teak

Moonlight Path

In this order.


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