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GRRRRR!!! #*@($#&*$ Saltbars!!!! Pic heavy


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SO! A pretty eventful day spent making soap and saltbars today. GRRRR. I made a pretty soap....and forgot the FO. GRRRR. Thought it was going too well. We'll see how that goes tomorrow when I unmold it....

Now...on to the salt bars. If you will remember, I had "issues" on Saturday with my salt bars....scorched chunks. I followed everything you wise ladies imparted to me. I made my lye water up like 3 hours before soaping...and it was room temp, my oils were cool too...didn't use the thermometer, but the shea butter was wanting to go convert back to solid. So, much cooler process. I did have what I thought was ricing....after the FO (Backwood's Sea Salt Breeze)....it looked like it wanted to curdle a bit. So, I grabbed a whisk and whipped the snot out of it. Well....I don't have scorched chunks...but now I have Chicken Pox! Same color as my scorched chunks from Saturday. Is it the FO???? DH thought it may be the lye, but I don't have any scorched marks in my other batch I made today. HELP! Should I just give up on salt bars with that FO? Could it be the non-iodide table salt?

Here's info:

distilled water, roebic lye (Lowe's), 80% coconut, 10% shea, 10% olive, 40 oz no-iodide table salt

Lye was room temp, FO was room temp, colorant room temp, oils room temp

And here's some pics..... GRRRRRRRRRR

Guidance....I need guidance!


Edited to add one more thing.....the "chicken pox" crap goes through the parts that were colored too...and there is NO FO in the colored part....yeah, I know, hard to see it, but it's colored....I had Select Shade "issues" too. So, I don't know if it's the FO or not!



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Humm... that's gotta be the FO. Only one way to find out. Make another batch and use a different FO and see what your results are.


Well, if you didn't scent the colored part, it may not be the FO. Humm... I use everything you do, just a different ratio of oils, including the uniodized salt. I would make another batch with a different oil and see if the fairies are still dancing on your soap.

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I really can't figure out what is going on with it either. I soap and make salt bars with the fo all the time with out any problems. Is the lye in chunks or nice and smooth in the container? It could be old ? It doesn't have any zap either? BTW the oils sometimes do become a bit solid I just gently heat mine up when that happens until all is melted again. I would try a different fo, too.

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Oh geez.....I gotta go lick the salt bar? The things I do for you all!! (insert picture of cow w/ a salt lick.) OK...what's a lye zap supposed to be like anyway????

YEEHAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW....that's just evil. Sort of a soapy, salty, 9V battery-ish?? I swear I've licked everything (my tongue is threatening to leave me)....ok, not everything, just the salt bar from Sue (ok, the nub that's left) and the ones from Kris...and mine are a bit zingy compared to those. GRRRR. So, the FO rices and the lye gets clumpy and doesn't go and play nicely with others? (We really need the animated icon of the head banging in the wall....)

Sue....the lye is little crytally balls...no clumping ...sort of static clinging to everything. A real PITA. I made a batch of straight soap today (so proud, I made up the recipe! And then forgot the FO! GRR)...and it doesn't have any polka dotted issues. At least not yet...so I wouldn't think it's the lye.... and my pot is stainless steel 18/10. All my utensils are metal...got a few silicone spatulas, but didn't use those today. I'm mixing my lye in one of those heavy duty plastic pitchers...could that be the beast? The NON-Green Clover and Aloe batch today was mixed in a pyrex cup.

Man....I love this FO....but I could use it in scrubs if not a salt bar. <sniff>

Off to fire off an email and beg shea butter off of Soaper Supplies tomorrow...I used my last today in this batch.......I did, however, buy extra coconut and extra salt today....just in case....:D



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