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Wicking 4" EcoSoya PB pillar

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Anyone every crazy enough to try wicking a 4" EcoSoya PB pillar? Just tried one out with a #5 square braid wick. I'd like to get closer to the sides with the melt pool. I'm wondering if multiple wicks would be too much.

I'll post some pics this evening. I'm doing an all day power burn on one. A potential customer is used to power burning paraffin pillars. I need to see how this thing does with no wick trim and a 12+ hour burn.


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Here are some pics from last night's burn. Forgot to mention there is no fragrance in this pillar. Reminder, #5 square braid, EcoSoyaPB wax. 4" pillar.

Pic one, all pretty and ready to party.


Second pic is about 3-1/2 hours into the burn.


Final pic is after about 5 hours of burn. Wick is struggling...





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